Video Arbeit für den Kulturblog der Stadt Karlsruhe für das Format smart@home.


"Living Plasma", video, exhibition "projekt3drei," BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE ", Gedok Karlsruhe / December 2017.


Video installation with submitted photos by 56 photographers, as well as a video production together with Astrid Hansen and Rüdiger Blank (music)

Videostill: "pr01grammings":

Das 25. Bild / "the 25th picture - reprogramming"/2015


Project as part of the women's perspectives 2015


Video still from:

"Thrill Snippets", Work in Progress Project 2010-2013 / 2 short films with text and music performance.


The process ends in 2014 with the novel "HIMMELANGST"


Epubli Publisher: HIMMELANGST




Video installation "thirty days longer"

Aquarium, glasses with fish, video


Nuclear bunker Neuweier, 2013, room 42

Foto:© Ralf J. Diemb  

Video still:

"DIN 250", norm hook / search for traces in the decommissioned slaughterhouse Karlsruhe


Videostill aus:

"The Long March", 2007 "Streaming Refugees"